The color green is a popular color within various work environments. Shades of green create a harmonious and bright appearance. In addition, we see various trends that prove the 'office garden' to be a real thing.


In various office buildings and other business environments, plants and other green accessories are frequently found. Our moss panel is a popular addition for interiors that want to get more green.



Green influences in the interior


The moss panel contains moss that comes directly from nature. The moss is harvested under Norwegian state supervision in an area of 3200 km2 and grows back by itself after harvesting. The natural and open structure provides good sound absorption, which makes the wall panel very suitable for offices and hospitality venues.


The moss has been treated in a way to remain beautiful and maintenance-free. Furthermore, the moss doesn't need daylight or water. what makes the moss panel very user-friendly. It therefore forms the perfect ''green'' addition, without requiring any extra effort. The moss is noticeably soft and remains so at normal humidity levels. Our moss panel is available in three basic green colors, making it easy to combine with any colors and materials of your choice.


Other important advantages are the long life span, up to 100% biodegradable, better performance due to a strong green perception and of course the wide applicability of the moss panel. In the context where a complete wall needs to be filled, our moss panels are also extremely suitable for a complete moss wall.




Acoustic performance


In many office buildings and homes, a new problem has arisen. Due to steel doors and cast floors, the acoustics in these spaces are not always workable, while this is an important factor both at the office and at the customer's home.The steel doors and cast floors, among other things, create poor acoustics and cause nuisance from ambient noise. Our moss panel has particularly good sound absorption by itself. By adding the moss to the wall panels you address the problem with acoustics and at the same time have a green element on the wall.


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